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Class Overview: The Forge High Intensity Interval Training classes 30-Minutes of quick, high calorie burning movements incorporating functional weighted movements, plyometrics and calisthenics. HIIT formats alternate periods of intense anaerobic work with a short rest between sets. HIIT has proven to be a highly effective exercise method to increase endurance, cardiovascular health and improved workout consistency. Best of all, HIIT training continues to burn calories for several hours after the workout!

Ideal Participant: Forge HIIT formats are ideal for generally healthy adults looking to consolidate plyometric, strength and cardio training in a fun and safe class structure. (Ages 16+)

Bottom line: Train like an athlete while burning fat and building stamina.

Class Overview: Forge Burn is 50-Minute full body cardio and weight training class designed to maximize your workout. Forge Burn incorporates super-set lifts, high intensity interval training, cardio and functional body movements all in one class. Forge Burn improves cardiovascular function, muscle endurance and shreds body fat. Best of all, this class is led by a certified professional who will encourage, que and ensure the safety and success of all participants.

Ideal Participant: Forge Burn is a fun and approachable way for generally healthy adults of various fitness levels to combine cardio and strength training (Ages 16+)

Bottom line: This class destroys fat and sculpts the body.


Class Overview: Forge Core is a 30-Minute class dedicated to increasing functional core strength and body aesthetics. Dynamic movements, isolated strength techniques and stabilization exercises dominate to tighten the total core in a progressive format. Posture is the gateway to enhanced wellbeing, a fit figure or athletic performance and Forge Core is here to accommodate any goal. This class is challenging and will target the abdominals, oblique, hips, glutes and back in a series of simple to execute exercises that are safe and effective.

Ideal Participant: Forge Core is ideal for generally healthy individuals looking to improve their total core strength, function and aesthetics. (Ages 16+)

 Bottom line: Gain a strong, tight and sexy center.


Class Overview: Forge Flex is a 30-Minute class dedicated to increasing flexibility, range of motion and connective tissue health. This safe and effective program delivers by blending the benefits of Yin and Vinyasa style yoga with cutting-edge myofascial release, joint stabilization techniques and mobility sports medicine. This class incorporates Isometric poses, multi-joint transitions along with active and dynamic stretching. Forge Flex classes are designed to accommodate a wide range of participants and fitness levels.

Ideal Participant: Forge Flex is ideal for generally healthy individuals looking to safely increase their flexibility, range of motion and joint wellbeing. (Ages 16+)

Bottom line: Mobility is the foundation of all fitness and this class will get you flexible.

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