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Michael S. Parker shares his fitness and nutrition tips, opinions and education.

Michael is the founder and head online personal trainer at Forge. He has earned multiple credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, and the Spencer Institute. He is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist. He also holds a business degree from University of Phoenix.

Michael is also a former college instructor and consultant to the Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science program offered by Bryan University. Further, he is an advisor, author, and consultant to multiple fitness companies and publications in the United States. 

Combat Low Energy and Mental Fatigue

Our wellness journey is composed of so many variables that can determine its success and sustainability – whether it’s physical exercise, diet, or our mental state. While diet and exercise...

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Our Own Plan

Some personal fitness trainers are taking a page from someone else’s playbook and promoting some of those celebrity plans that...

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Find your coAch

We offer immersive custom fitness and nutrition coaching all over the world so you can say “this porridge is just right.”