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Keep Your Fitness Journey Going Strong This Summer

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While many folks set goals to be fit in preparation for the summer months, what about staying fit as the temperatures soar? Lazy days at the pool and summer vacations don’t mean your fitness routine has to suffer. Here are a few tips to keep your wellness journey going strong this summer!

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when engaging in physical activities under the sun. Dehydration can hinder your performance and be dangerous to your overall health. Keep a water bottle close at hand and be aware of the signs you may be getting dehydrated, such as feeling thirsty and lightheaded, a dry mouth, and tiredness.

Enjoy outdoor activities

Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best parts of staying fit in the summer. Summer offers the opportunity for kayaking and beach sports such as volleyball, swimming, bike riding, paddle boarding, hiking, walking, and so much more. You can even take your yoga or pilates routine outside to enjoy some sun and warm summer breezes. Whatever outdoor activity you choose, don’t forget the sunscreen and water to keep you protected and hydrated!

Be mindful of your workout intensity

You may need to adjust your fitness routine during the summer since high-intensity exercises may be more challenging during hot weather. Consider switching up your routine and opting for moderate-intensity workouts, yoga, Pilates, or stretching routines. You can still hit your workout goals and keep yourself safe and injury-free.

Join a team or fitness class

Summer is a great time to join a sports team or sign up for a group fitness class. Many communities and gyms leverage the warm weather and organize a wide range of activities and classes. Engaging in team sports or group workouts can be motivating, make exercising more enjoyable, and hold you accountable to a consistent workout routine.

Maintain a balanced diet

 Part of summer fun is indulging in treats during trips and vacations, which is fine occasionally, but be sure to include plenty of healthy food, too. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables that summer brings, along with lean proteins and whole grains in your meals. These will provide the necessary nutrients and energy to support your fitness goals.

Take a dip

When you think of summer, pools, lakes, and oceans are probably the first things that come to mind. This season offers a great opportunity to take advantage of water workouts, which are both low-impact and effective. Swimming, water aerobics, or even a brisk walk in the water can provide an excellent full-body workout while also keeping you cool.

Don’t overheat

While exercising outside in the summer can be a great way to enjoy the season, it’s important to ensure you stay safe and don’t overheat. Consider scheduling your workouts for the early morning or the evening when the sun and temperature are lower. Exercising during the afternoon (the hottest point of the day) could impact your performance or even become physically dangerous. Heat-related illnesses can range from inconvenient (such as a heat rash) to life-threatening.

Stay consistent

Just like in any other season, consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals and seeing the results you desire. With kids out of school and going on summer vacations, it can be easy to let a fitness routine slide, so be sure to set a schedule for yourself. Perhaps you get out for your daily walk before the family when the sun rises or sign up for a weekly fitness class. You may also want to consider setting realistic but challenging goals to help you stay on track and keep you motivated during the dog days of summer.

Get Extra Support

Summer can also be the perfect time to get support from a certified trainer who can keep you on track and offer ideas for enjoying both exercise and the warm weather. At Forge, we offer immersive and custom fitness coaching to help you on your journey. Reach out today to kickstart your summer fitness routine!