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Forge is pleased to partner with HealthspanMD! We provide highly custom online personal training and fitness nutrition coaching. We make working with a professional personal trainer fun and build highly specialized workouts based on your individual needs. In this partner program, you will:

Meet one-on-one via video chat with a Cardiovascular Recovery Specialist for 6 (six) half-hour sessions over 90 days. (Coaching sessions are every other week)
In addition to your coaching sessions, you have direct access to your coach through the in-app messenger system, so you are always connected.
Your personal fitness coach will assist you in developing and improving lifestyle habits to enhance your well-being.
Enjoy the one-on-one attention and direct access to your coach for support, education, and carefully constructed workouts over the coming weeks to maximize your results.
Conveniently access your custom workouts and coach messenger in the gym, at home, or on the road right from your mobile device.


Cameron is a clinical physiologist specializing in
cardiovascular health and recovery. He will be your
specialist for the next 90 days and help write you a
custom workout and nutrition plan. He will be available
via the Forge App if you have questions and want to reach
out. Every other week, you can look forward to meeting
with him during a Zoom call to asses your progress.


I have been a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine for 5 years. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida and then earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. I specialize in but am not limited to clinical recovery and exercise physiology. My passion is to assist individuals and groups with general wellness and behavior change. I am driven to educate people on the importance of fitness on a sustainable level to help them achieve their initial goals and allow them to make a long-term lifestyle change.


Healthspan is covering your
Forge custom fitness and
nutation coaching plan for the
next 90 days!

Once enrolled, sign the simple e-agreement and you will be granted access to the Forge mobile app.

Log in to the app and a link to the appointment booking portal will be sent via the messenger to schedule with Coach Cameron.


First Name(Required) Last Name(Required) Email(Required)

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The Standard plan includes one (1) live video chat or phone call each month to review your workout plan and keep you on track.



The Complete plan includes two (2) live video or phone coaching calls each month for even more support and inspiration.



With Premium, you get four (4) live coaching sessions each month with your trainer to help you make a lasting lifestyle improvement.