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4 Week Core Challenge

4 Week Core Challenge – Video Below!

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This simple and fun 4 week core challenge is a great way to super-set primary core moves into a limited schedule. There are 4 exercises and 5 movements that you should be able to complete in 10-13 minutes.

The Core Issue: Many people think of core strength as a flat belly or six-pack abs. And while those may be motivating goals to some people, there are many functional benefits that come from improving core strength aside from your abdominal aesthetics, which are actually more related to body fat percentage. A strong core improves posture, balance and can reduced back pain. Core stabilization has also been shown to improve breathing and has a profound impact on athletic performance. The core is the structural foundation for most bio-mechanical movements and everyone will benefit form strengthening their core complex.

Simple 4: In this challenge, we have 3 basic exercises and 4 total maneuvers. We start with a 60 second prone iso-plank followed by side planks for the left and right side. We then move to 15 repetitions of crunches and leg lifts all in a super-set. There is no rest between exercises except for 30 seconds after each round.

Not a Complete Core Workout: It’s true, this is a challenge designed to get you moving or activate your core in a way you normally may not. If you need more challenge, then incorporate a Supine Bridge, Prone Cobra, Superman, Vertical Leg Crunch, V-Ups, Raised Knee-In, Reverse Crunch, Flutter Kicks, Russian Twist, Bicycle Kicks, Plank Jack, In and Out Crunches, Scissor Crunches, V-Tuck or Toe Taps (etc). These additions can be rotated out to meet adaptation and keep you from hitting plateaus. Remember, the core engages in all load bearing movements so regularly structured periodized programs also engage the core musculature.

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By Michael S. Parker
Founder at Forge Online Personal Training

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