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How to Choose a Fitness Facility

If you’re just starting out on a wellness journey, it can be hard to figure out where to start. How do you start eating healthier? What advice should you listen to? And perhaps one of the most overwhelming decisions to make is… which gym do I join? Not all fitness centers are created equal, and […]

In-Person vs Online Personal Training

It can seem like there are countless obstacles to success on a wellness journey. A perceived lack of time, confusing (and often conflicting) advice, and personal/professional obligations are just a few of the challenges we may face in sticking with an exercise plan. That’s why one of the best investments you can make is investing […]

Our Own Plan

Some personal fitness trainers are taking a page from someone else’s playbook and promoting some of those celebrity plans that are supposed to help whip you into shape. We’re going on the direct plan put together by our founder Michael S. Parker in his groundbreaking book that focuses on self-improvement and better quality of life. […]

Four Things You Get In Every Coaching Session

Four Things You Get In Every Coaching Session

At Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, we strive to provide a higher level of personal service in fitness and nutrition counseling. Why is that important? Because people are realizing that they need to do more work to take care of themselves, curating their diets, keeping track of vitals and optimizing exercise routines, in order to […]

Forge Fitness Classes

online fitness classes

Cutting-edge fitness classes exclusively designed by Forge for CACFit in Auburn Ca. All classes are led by a certified personal trainer!

IT Band Exercises & Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Exercises

IT band exercises patellofemoral pain syndrome exercises

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Weight Training Fundamentals

weight training fundamentals habit transformation

With over 52.9 Million Americans working out in a health club, less than 13% work with a certified fitness professional and 44% who quit working out annually claim it is related to lack of results because they “don’t know what to do” or an injury they acquired while exercising