Add Diet Improvements to Your Fitness Plan

If the question is whether working out can help you shed pounds, the answer is emphatically “yes!” If the question is whether you can do it without managing your diet, the answer is – probably not! There’s a reason that the best fitness programs and classes include a lot of focus on diet and nutrition. […]

21 Day No Added Sugar Challenge

No Sugar Challenge

In the Forge Online Personal Training “21 Day No Sugar Challenge” you can choose your level of commitment by eliminating sugars one of three following categories.

Fitness And Nutrition Tips for Travelers

6 Fitness And Nutrition Tips for Travelers

Travel presents its own unique challenges for fitness and nutrition adherence! We will explore 6 quick tips to keep you on track with proper food management and prioritizing exercise.



The Standard plan includes one (1) live video chat or phone call each month to review your workout plan and keep you on track.



The Complete plan includes two (2) live video or phone coaching calls each month for even more support and inspiration.



With Premium, you get four (4) live coaching sessions each month with your trainer to help you make a lasting lifestyle improvement.