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Ways to Restart Your Healthy Habits in March

Everyone starts strong in the new year on their fitness goals, but our fitness goals are often forgotten as spring rolls around. But as you begin to sweep up, vacuum, polish and tidy around your home, think about taking this time also to spring clean your health. Resetting your health habits means you are giving […]

Serving Over 34 Countries?

Yes, it’s true – when you look at our landing page, you can see that we operate all over the world. We have clients in the U.S. and Canada, as well as far beyond North America. We have clients in Australia and New Zealand, “down under” in the southern hemisphere. We have clients in Russia, […]

Why Exercise? Your Body Is Begging For It

We live in a society where it is very easy to stray away from physical activity. We have technology that can do virtually anything we need it to and can complete pretty much any task necessary, making us increasingly more inactive. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but everyone needs some level of physical exercise […]

Setting Personal Fitness Goals

Setting Personal Fitness Goals

Physical fitness works best when we set goals. Setting personal goals helps to motivate us and provides us with a point for which to work towards. No matter what type of exercise, diet, or other means we employ to become more physically fit, realistic and achievable goals can keep us on track even in times […]

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Your Fitness and Weight Loss Success

An important part of any fitness journey is setting goals. It doesn’t matter if you have achieved a specific number on the scale, a number on the weight bench, or ran a certain number of miles, keeping track of and celebrating these milestones is essential to remaining motivated.  The question is – what is the […]

The Health Impacts Of Becoming Physically Fit

The fitness industry is growing quickly and rapidly as more and more people seek ways to become physically fit and healthy. For many who are ready to start their journey towards becoming physically fit, diving into regular exercise can seem quite daunting. Mustering up the will to attend a class or go to the gym […]

Getting Interested in Exercise

Getting Interested in Exercise

The day you decide you are going to start exercising can be a very exciting and motivational turning point. Not only are you assuming control of your health in a positive way, but it can also help to strengthen your self-confidence and encourage other methods that can benefit your life. First, however, you have to […]

Reasons Why Exercise Feels So Good

Reasons Why Exercise Feels So Good

For many of us, getting up off the couch and moving around can be considered an achievement in itself. After that first workout, when the muscles are aching and bodies are exhausted, it can be discouraging to continue a routine. While some people love it and can easily incorporate it into a lifestyle that consists […]