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How to Choose a Fitness Facility

If you’re just starting out on a wellness journey, it can be hard to figure out where to start. How do you start eating healthier? What advice should you listen to? And perhaps one of the most overwhelming decisions to make is… which gym do I join? Not all fitness centers are created equal, and […]

Overcoming Fitness Failure

When it comes to making transformational change, the road can be challenging and rocky, and it can be tempting to give up. Whether it’s getting our finances in order or eating healthier and exercising more, our goals can seem unattainable and we may beat ourselves up for any setback – big or small. Failure becomes […]

Want to create change? First, change your mindset

If you’re looking to make real, transformative changes to your wellness – whether it’s eating healthier or embracing a sustained program of physical activity – your mind can play just as big (if not bigger) a role as your physical body. In fact, mastering a mindset shift can be the “key” to achieving your wellness […]

The 6 Levels of Fitness Hierarchy

Whether you’re just starting out on a fitness journey, training for an event, or somewhere in between, it’s important to remember that the human body is a complex machine capable of remarkable performance and generally responds in a very predictable manner. For example, if we’re sedentary and consume more energy than we use, we can […]

In-Person vs Online Personal Training

It can seem like there are countless obstacles to success on a wellness journey. A perceived lack of time, confusing (and often conflicting) advice, and personal/professional obligations are just a few of the challenges we may face in sticking with an exercise plan. That’s why one of the best investments you can make is investing […]

4 Ways Older Adults Can Benefit From Personal Training

4 Ways Older Adults Can Benefit From Personal Training

Being physically fit in your younger years helps you improve and maintain your overall health. During your golden years, you still need to find the time to commit to performing regular physical activities. It is common for some older adults to lose the motivation to exercise. They might also think that maintaining a fitness regime […]

How to make working out a habit?

If you’re struggling to stick with a fitness routine, it might be time to get creative. One of the most critical aspects of creating an exercise habit is developing a process that works for you and then sticking with it. Although a fitness routine may start out feeling tedious, making a few small changes to […]

Eating To Build Muscle Mass

As adults, what we eat affects our health and has an impact on how we lose or gain weight. We typically hear about eating certain foods and dieting to reach our weight goals when dropping a few pounds, but we fail to consider what foods help us build muscle to gain weight. Building muscle mass […]

Advantages Of Your Own Trainer And Nutritionist

Advantages Of Your Own Trainer And Nutritionist

Being motivated to stay fit can be hard. Even though we know that it is vital to stay healthy by eating right and exercising, we always find something that seems to be more important. The importance of exercising has become even more essential because of the COVID-19 or Wuhan virus pandemic. Those of us that […]

Forging A New You

Forging A New You

What does it mean to succeed with a long-term fitness and exercise routine? It depends who you ask. Well, like some other forms of organic processes, the human body is refined through time and pressure and repetition. You forge your stronger and more powerful body in the cauldron of day to day physical exercise and […]