Are Machine-Based or Free Weights Better for Gains?

There’s no doubt that strength training has numerous benefits, including stronger bones and muscles, better balance, and maintenance of a healthy weight. So how do you determine whether to use machine-based or free weights to achieve your muscle gain goals? The short answer is that the choice depends on your goals, preferences, and individual circumstances. […]

Protein Timing for Muscle Gains: When to Fuel Your Workouts


If building muscle mass is one of your fitness goals, odds are you’ve come across a slew of information and guidance on how your diet can help or inhibit you. One particular school of thought centers around how and when to eat protein to enhance muscle growth. But in such a noisy landscape, it can […]

The Benefits of Strength Training


We all know how important physical activity is for our overall health and well-being. But when it comes to exercise, many of us focus on cardio, such as running, walking, playing sports, or swimming. And while cardio is great for our bodies, it’s important to remember the benefits of strength training, too. Whether leveraging your […]

Habit Stacking: How to Build Healthy Habits That Stick


Creating and sticking to new habits can be overwhelming and challenging. And often, it can lead to feeling frustrated and hopeless – convinced that we’ll never be able to change our behavior. But, luckily there’s a habit hack that has gained traction over the years that can help by leveraging your brain’s existing neuronal connections […]

The Benefits of Exercise: Why You Should Make It a Part of Your Daily Routine


Did you know that May is Exercise is Medicine Month? That, along with the warmer weather and sunnier skies, means it’s a perfect time to think about your physical fitness routine (or lack thereof) and how you can make movement a part of your everyday routine. Why Exercise Matters Before we dive into how to […]

The Impact of Sleep on Nutrition & Fitness

Eating nutritious food and physical movement are, without a doubt, two of the most important things we can do to take care of ourselves. But a third element is just as important and intricately linked to our overall wellness: high-quality sleep. Unfortunately, sleep can quickly drop to the bottom of the priority list in our […]

DOMS: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you’ve exercised, you’ve likely experienced that post-workout muscle stiffness and pain. Sitting down hurts. Getting up hurts. Raising your arm to brush your teeth hurts. You may wonder if you’ve injured yourself or overdid your workout. And perhaps the most burning question (pun intended) is when it will go away. The gradually increasing muscle […]

How to Turn Exercise Into a Habit That Sticks

One of life’s greatest mysteries might be how to stick with a workout routine. While motivation and excitement can be great ways to get started, neither lasts long, and many people wonder where they went wrong. But the truth is, creating and building a new habit is hard, especially if you’re going from a sedentary […]



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