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Carbohydrates | “The Truth” Fitness and Nutrition Webinar Series

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Explore Fitness and Nutrition Truth, With Michael S. Parker

Welcome to “The Truth” a fitness and nutrition webinar series. In this episode, we tackle the truth about Carbohydrates. To start, we need to explore what carbohydrates  are and how they affect the body from a cellular standpoint. Understanding the intricacies of carbs will allow you to make more informed decisions about carbs in your dietary lifestyle

Here are the objectives of this free webinar:

1- Explain in simple detail, exactly what carbohydrates are and what they do in the body.

2 – Expose the complexity of the topic and the startling misconceptions about carbs.

3 – Provide science based information to support healthy carb consumption.  

4 – Outline each carb type and give examples of food sources so you are positioned to make better choices.

5 – Through education, empower you to make better nutritional choices and improve your relationship with food.

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Handy List of Complex Carbohydrates

Here is a simple list of complex carbohydrates

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