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In-Person vs Online Personal Training

It can seem like there are countless obstacles to success on a wellness journey. A perceived lack of time, confusing (and often conflicting) advice, and personal/professional obligations are just a few of the challenges we may face in sticking with an exercise plan. That’s why one of the best investments you can make is investing in a personal trainer. The concept may seem like something that only celebrities and millionaires have access to, but the truth is, personal training is attainable for anyone, especially with online and in-person options available. 

So how can you choose between live and online personal training? We’ll dive into a few advantages of each to help you choose what best fits your lifestyle, budget, and goals. 

IRL: The Benefits of In-Person Training

While our digital world offers many ways to connect through a screen, sometimes there’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction. In-person training can offer motivation and accountability, as well as allow for opportunities to adjust your workouts in real time and better gauge your progress. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain from training in the real world.

  • Programming that Works for You. Live training can offer you some choice in determining the right style of programming that will bring you the greatest level of personal commitment. For example, some trainers specialize in militant forms of exercise or “boot camps” that push your body to the limit. On the other hand, some trainers take advantage of being in-person to perform a full assessment and scientifically design a custom program that will safely and effectively lead you to your goals.
  • Real-Time Communication. One of the best parts of training in-person is immediate feedback and the ability to adjust as you progress. Take advantage of the opportunity and be sure to communicate with your trainer throughout the workout. Feedback or adjustments are important, and this is usually a sign that your trainer is paying attention to how your body is responding to the program.

Virtual Workouts: Advantages of Online Coaching

We live in a world of packed schedules where convenience and speed can be the determining factor in our choices, and technology is providing some outstanding benefits to help us juggle it all. An online trainer is a resource you can access without leaving your home or trying to sync schedules with a trainer. And if you’re concerned that you won’t get personalized attention online, many online trainers maintain a high level of interaction with their clients through emails, newsletters, videos, or webcams. 

Here are some additional benefits to online coaching.

  • Exercise on Your Schedule. One of the biggest complaints individuals have about working out is finding the time to do it. Online training can often be a great solution and allows you to train any time you want. Most online trainers will have your workouts built and loaded in a mobile app, so you can get your sweat session in when it suits you. Plus, online training offers you the freedom to make any location your personal gym. Your garage, a hotel room, or your front lawn can all be your gym when you’re training virtually.
  • Affordability. According to Lessons 2022 Personal Trainer Cost Guide, the average price for personal training in the United States is $40-$70 per hour. Unfortunately, this can be prohibitive for most people, especially for an extended duration of time (which is critical to seeing results). However, at an estimated average of $250-$400 per month, most folks can afford online personal training, especially if they prioritize it like they do streaming services or mobile devices. 
  • Avoid Gymtimidation. For some, the idea of going to a gym is intimidating and they worry about feeling self-conscious or judged by others who might be in better shape. Truthfully, most people are probably too busy with the same fears to be looking at anyone else, but “gymtimidation” is real and can keep people from pursuing their goals. Personal online training solves these problems by providing a higher level of privacy, allowing you to work at your own pace and in your environmental comfort zone. 

Choose Personal Training

However you choose to work out – whether in-person or online – a personal trainer can be the proverbial key to your success. A personal trainer or fitness coach can be a definitive resource for personalized answers to your fitness questions that can keep you going, ensure you’re making the best choices possible, and help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively.

If you’re ready to get started with a personal trainer, but having trouble deciding whether in-person or online is right for you – compare your options. We offer immersive custom fitness and nutrition coaching to individuals all over the world and our trainers and dietitian are certified and ready to help you on your journey.