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Four Things You Get In Every Coaching Session

Four Things You Get In Every Coaching Session

At Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, we strive to provide a higher level of personal service in fitness and nutrition counseling.

Why is that important? Because people are realizing that they need to do more work to take care of themselves, curating their diets, keeping track of vitals and optimizing exercise routines, in order to live better each day.

With this in mind, here is some of what we offer in every session as part of our deliberate coaching and planning strategy. We believe in our ability to support you on your way to a better life.

Personal History

It’s hard to plan where you want to be in the future without seeing where you are, and where you come from in the past.

Our platform promotes our experts using your historic data to chart a course toward your goals and objectives. So with each session, we look at your personal history to effectively chart trends, and use those insights to build your optimal fitness and nutrition program. Over time, our dossier gets more detailed and we are able to offer more precision, to really help you to drill down into what makes the most sense for your routine.


Our coaches will also ask individuals to perform a certain type of exercise, to evaluate how fitness coaching is working and how a routine is providing value. They may not do demos at every session, but in every session they are looking at this kind of work to bring a more detail-oriented approach to your personal plan. That’s part of the value of going with a service that understands what’s needed, and what’s at stake.

Nutrition and Food Review

We also incorporate this into our coaching, because we know that people are looking very closely at what they eat. You can exercise all day, but it’s hard to achieve your objectives without some type of substantive diet planning.

Our people look at caloric intake and more when they put together these detailed pictures of your personal health and wellness.

Mindset Coaching

We also know from experience that mindset makes a difference. Without the proper motivation and environment, there’s a poor chance of thriving over time.

We take all of the resources in our toolbox to bring a positive result to your coaching sessions, and that means some amount of mindset training and talking about where you’re at for future work.

Check out the FAQ and website for more on how we help you to win!