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Forging A New You

Forging A New You

What does it mean to succeed with a long-term fitness and exercise routine?

It depends who you ask. Well, like some other forms of organic processes, the human body is refined through time and pressure and repetition.

You forge your stronger and more powerful body in the cauldron of day to day physical exercise and activity. That’s one way to say it.

We’re at your side, helping you to perfect your routine for the best long-term results. At Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, we have your health and wellness in mind.

Finding Your Routine

What works best for you: morning or afternoon? Do you prefer the free weights or the fixed machines?

How much work do you want to do on your legs, and how much do you want to do on your arms and core muscles?

It’s surprising how often people move ahead with fitness programs without addressing these types of questions. You would think that people would want to answer these first as a matter of course before committing themselves to some kind of routine. But in so many cases, it’s important to get a personal trainer to help you work through these things, because not everyone is an expert on kinesiology or how the body responds to exercise.

That’s part of what we help with in our personalized training, whether it’s face-to-face or video coaching.

Feel the Reps

After you have some of these questions down, you’ll be looking at establishing your sets of repetitions that will ultimately build that muscular, toned body you’re looking for.

As you work out, learn to feel the repetitions in a way that powers you and makes you want to move forward. As you get more comfortable with your workout, you start to feel those endorphins and feel your body changing into something leaner and meaner and full of capability. It’s an exhilarating feeling, but it takes work to get there. We can help.

Track Progress

One way to get better perseverance is to track your progress early and often.

Our specific tools and resources include strategies to help you to see how your routine is changing your body from day to day. That research might seem like an extra, but to us it is a key part of utilizing your resources to propel yourself forward, and keep moving.

Take a look at all of what we offer at Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching. Learn more about the nuts and bolts of how this works at our FAQ, and check out our blog for further insights on the process of forging ahead to create the future that you want.