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Fitness And Nutrition Tips for Travelers

6 Fitness And Nutrition Tips for Travelers

Travel presents its own unique challenges for fitness and nutrition adherence! We will explore 6 quick tips to keep you on track with proper food management and prioritizing exercise.

IT Band Exercises & Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Exercises

IT band exercises patellofemoral pain syndrome exercises

I would like to address some corrective exercise strategies for two conditions that affect many people, especially  endurance athletes. Today, we will address iliotibial band syndrome and patella femoral syndrome. Most athletes or individuals assume that the sight of pain is the cause of pain but that’s not always the way our bodies work. More […]

How To Take Body Measurements For Fitness

how to take body measurements

Learn to quickly and accurately take body circumference measurements for fitness. Body measurements are a great way to track composition change and objectively compare results over a period of time

Forge on Good Day Sacramento!

Forge Online Personal Training Good Day Sacramento!

Forge Online Personal Training is happy to share this clip from our in-studio segment with Good Day Sacramento! Cody is wearing the giraffe costume because April the Giraffe was supposed to give birth at any moment. Turns out she had the calf the following week… Micheal S. Parker, Founder at Forge Online Personal Training