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Our Own Plan

Some personal fitness trainers are taking a page from someone else’s playbook and promoting some of those celebrity plans that are supposed to help whip you into shape. We’re going on the direct plan put together by our founder Michael S. Parker in his groundbreaking book that focuses on self-improvement and better quality of life. […]

Meal Plans And Their Value

With any type of fitness routine, you don’t want to ignore the other half of your weight loss and overall health equation – that’s nutrition and diet! Some of the people who are advising clients on health outcomes just don’t put the effort that they should into this part of the process. At Forge BB, […]

Getting to Know the Benefits of Circuit Training 

Circuit training is a type of training where you rotate through several stations, engaging in several exercises for a certain amount of time or number of reps, one after another, with little rest until you complete the circuit.  There are a few ways to construct a circuit; however, they typically include several different movements, including […]

How to Stay Healthy for the New Year

It is known that most people fail to meet their resolutions in the new year. Some of the most common reasons why people are unable to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions are a lack of time and motivation and losing hope. Meeting your goals for the new year does not have to become a […]

21 DAy No Added SugAr ChAllenge

No Sugar Challenge

In the Forge Online Personal Training “21 Day No Sugar Challenge” you can choose your level of commitment by eliminating sugars one of three following categories.

Michael Parker Podcast Interview

michael parker podcast interview authenticity first

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