Combat Low Energy and Mental Fatigue

Our wellness journey is composed of so many variables that can determine its success and sustainability – whether it’s physical exercise, diet, or our mental state. While diet and exercise tend to get the most attention from experts, gurus, and the media, our emotional well-being is critically important to ensuring we’re able to do all […]

In-Person vs Online Personal Training

It can seem like there are countless obstacles to success on a wellness journey. A perceived lack of time, confusing (and often conflicting) advice, and personal/professional obligations are just a few of the challenges we may face in sticking with an exercise plan. That’s why one of the best investments you can make is investing […]

Low Impact Workout Benefits: Yoga, Pilates, and Mind-Body Studios

The success of a wellness journey can be dependent upon choosing what works best for you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s picking healthy food that you like or finding the right workout environment, tailoring your choices can increase the odds of you sticking with it. Fortunately, we live in a culture that offers countless options […]

Clean Eating 101: Your Guide to Cultivating a Healthier Kitchen

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle and working toward wellness goals can seem like a daunting journey. It can be hard to know where to start and confusing to parse out fads from truth to determine what will really work for you. But one of the best places to start for your wellness journey is closer than […]

Motivation as a Fitness Misnomer

There is an overwhelming amount of advice, guidance, and marketing plans on how to get, and stay, “fit.” For many, the idea of achieving a toned and sculpted body with minimal effort in the least amount of time is the goal to aspire to. And while physical appearance is important, fitness is more about total […]

Hard Truths from a Personal Trainer

On a daily basis we’re inundated with wellness advice and tips: how to eat healthy, lose weight, exercise the “right way,” keep the weight off, and more. But the (hard) truth is that much of that advice does not work and won’t help you achieve your wellness goals. As a fitness professional who has seen […]

3 Ways Food Can Boost Your Mood

Most of us are always looking for ways to feel better – physically, mentally, and emotionally. And as we all feel the lingering effects of the pandemic and unrest around the globe, it can be easy to slide into anxiety or sadness. Some individuals may need medication for relief, while others may seek out temporary […]

Can You Eat and Move Your Way to Better Mental Health?

Mental health – and how to manage it – is a topic that has gained increased attention between the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a public willingness to be more frank about it. Oftentimes, people strive for around the clock happiness and wind up struggling to manage the stressors of everyday life, resulting […]